I’m a huge fan of the Khan Academy and have blogged about it enthusiastically many times.

That said, I am in the same camp as Catherine Johnson when it comes learning from a video, versus learning from a book:  Watching videos to “learn” feels like a chore; learning from a book feels like fun.

I can’t explain why (maybe because I can read faster than I can watch a video?), but it’s a very distinctive difference in the way I feel, and it shows up most apparently when it’s “time to get to work.”


Book: I’m Excited.  Can’t wait.

Online Video: Dread.  Drudgery.  How much longer does this go on.

One exception to the video versus book preference: When I need a solution, I don’t feel the same “video dread.”  I’m happy to go in, learn what I need to, then leave.

Salman Khan wrote an article about his vision the other day in the WSJ that’s worth the read.

I wish the video learning worked better for me, because it sure sounds logical and seems much easier than reading a book.

Illustrations by Jennifer Orkin Lewis