The College Board’s website says  the best way to prepare for the test is to do well in school:

Keep in mind that the foundation of a student’s SAT and college preparation is a rigorous curriculum of English, mathematics, science, history, and other academic subjects. Students should read extensively and develop good writing skills.

So are schools teaching a rigorous enough curriculum that will prepare students to do well on the SAT (not to mention, college)?

I took the PSAT my son took in 10th grade and was surprised by the sophistication of the critical reading section.

One section contained dual reading passages about Descartes, dualism, genomes, and neuroscience. The authors agreed on the main point but came from different perspectives and their distinctions seemed too subtle for my then 10th grade son to decipher.

Below is the last paragraph from Passage 1, and a few questions:

As a college educated reader, I happen to love this exercise. Looking back, my 10th grade son was nowhere near ready handle this material.


llustrations by Jennifer Orkin Lewis