I’m not sure if PWNtheSAT knew what he was in for when he agreed to take me on. Dare I say, I think we’re both a little surprised by just how intractable a brain can be.

He is a good sport though and seems to take the challenge of “me” very seriously, so when I emailed him in despair about my obstinate scores, I got an email back:

Subject: A Radical Thought

And then he went on to list the five different types of SAT questions that he wanted me to write.  He finished by saying that I should “try to make the incorrect choices all seem tempting to a tester who might now know fully what he’s doing.”

I hated the idea (at first) — but being an obsessive-type with an insatiable appetite for praise, I gave it a whirl.

Five questions in, I will confess that it’s actually fun, and, I believe there is a method to this madness.

Et Voila, my first five questions: