First of all, I had a blast; loved every second of today’s SAT experience.  Did I get the “perfect score?”

No way.

BUT, if my score doesn’t go up in math after all those hours of hard work (which were hugely fun, I might add), I don’t know what to say.  I plead dyscalculia.

Reading and Writing this time around?  I felt strong and focused, though not “perfect.” It was more like, “Ok, that felt good” — with little bit of “hmmmmm….. not sure about a few of the questions,” sprinkled on top.

Except for my essay — on the essay, I felt sure. I felt strong and confident — like I summoned my very best SAT self — and she showed up wrote that essay about Tim O’Brien with passion and vigor — and in an appropriate “SAT” format (I think). I linked back repeatedly to my thesis (which I had written on the top of my test booklet, lest I forget).

I wove in sophisticated vocabulary (including a well placed “jingoistic“); used varied sentence structure and punctuation (semicolons and dashes included), and then I wrapped it up with the counter example and a strong conclusion.

But, the essay is the one subjective part of the whole test.  That said, if my readers don’t recognize that I aced that essay, then I give up on standardized writing.  No, actually, I’m blaming the graders. Yes, I will blame the graders if I don’t come out of this SAT with at least an 11.

Anyway…I’m sad that it’s over. I’m surprised at how hard this test is for me.  I’ll probably keep going for that “perfect score,” even if it’s not in any official “perfect score project” capacity —  just because I really do think it’s fun (crazy, I know — but don’t knock it till you try it).

Video attached for test day details.

I’m headed out to celebrate — then, tomorrow morning will address the big pile of life that’s waiting for me.


  • Congratulations!  I’m so thrilled for you! 

    • Thank you Stacey!  You should contact SWATCH and tell them about your idea, and make a Red Horse SAT watch — because there is no question that that helped!  It’s so simple, yet SO important!!

  • Gorgonzolablue

    I took the SAT’s today as well!! I have to agree with you on the Math section; but isn’t the limitation of time that makes it a little harder than your average math problem ??
    ps. I really hope that I passed the exam with far superior scores on all section; I’m mentally drained!!

    • My fingers are crossed for you…Not only am I mentally drained, but I actually feel physically drained.  I feel like I was hit by a bus today.  Not sure if I’m coning down with something, or it’s the fact that I didn’t do yoga for a few days…..OR, the fact that I was TENSED up like a little tension ball for 5 hours yesterday during that test.  I remember thinking to myself, “breath, relax…”  But especially at the end, when I was having trouble staying focused (did you have the big Bio Fuel passages at the end?) — every muscle of mine was CLENCHED. 

      And today, 4 advils later and I’m still moaning in pain.

      • Gorgonzolablue

         Thank you, and likewise . I also developed a headache , but that was yesterday… now I feel better because it’s gone. Hope yours goes away soon.

        Yesterday it was hard to focus, but only because I took the Exam at a Local University near my house; and the students were making a ruckus not to mention that the Air conditioner was at full blast!! everyone was shaking … it was an unpleasant moment.

        PS. I kinda wished I had read the entire “The New Sat Game Plan” book; because I had  no idea how I was going to answer  the Graph and Geometry/ probability sections.
        As I’m writing this, I’m reading what’s left of the book (95 pages). and later this week I will start practicing with the Sat’s Tests just in case.

        • ohhhhh….the noise factor.  I am so noise sensitive it’s CRAZY. I had no idea about this aspect about myself before I started this project (though my daughter and brother both have auditory processing issues and noise is a legit distraction for them — so maybe I have it too).

          I called ahead this time, before the SAT, and asked that the test administrator be sure all rules were followed, and I specified, including the quiet room!At one point the proctor opened the doors to let in air the room, (there were doors on each end of the room into different hallways), and I could hear the kids on a break laughing loudly down the hallway, and I gave the proctor “a look,” and she closed the doors immediately and didn’t open them again.

          I was very appreciative.  It helped me a lot.

          • Gorgonzolablue

            I guess this time things worked out fine for you :) In my case, the proctor din’t keep the door shut  ( it was held open by a desk)  and there was nothing any of us could do about it!!

          • I did everything in my power to make them go my way this time! After last experience, I wanted my last one to be satisfying (and it was)

          • Gorgonzolablue

            That sounds great, after this test will you be moving onto the ACT bandwagon ? I think that the hight score is a 36.

          • Ohh I’ll do the ACT with you.. it will motivate me to go.. lets do feb! lets all go together it can be an old people ACT party, we can make up t-shirts: you, me, catherine, stacey, john, all your blog buddies

          • Good thinking.  I’m in.  Question: Do I prepare for the ACT?

          • Well, only the sense that I want to try it out to see how it differs from the SAT.  

  • Dianedpickar

    Very timely, especially as talk about the SAT cheating scandal is all around us.

    • I know!  Who knew my obsession would coincide with a scandal.

  • Congratulations!

    • Thanks Akil!  I’m sitting here organizing myself — trying to sort out the mess of notes that I made in the last year….and boy, I’ll say this: This test is HARDER than I thought (for some of us)….but in the end, I gave it my all.  That last test really was a satisfying experience (even though there’s no way I aced it).

      But I’m only “done” with trying to crack this thing for the moment….I’ll be back!