Hi Debbie,

I’m currently taking SAT classes, which are very helpful. I wanted to ask if you could tell me all the best free resources out there for the math, writing and critical reading sections? I don’t want to spend more money on more books.


Dear Looking to Supplement,

Try these free SAT resources:

  1. My SAT Student Series!
  2. Erik the Red‘s SAT website.
  3. Everything in the College Board’s SAT website.
  4. Visit your library and take out SAT books. A few of my favorites can be found here.
  5. Read the New York Times every day and look up all vocabulary you don’t know. Also, say the main idea of each article and discuss them with someone smart.
  6. Ask your guidance councilor for practice SATs and PSATs from the College Board. Here is a link to 5, free official SATs.


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