Here are five easy tips to improve your SAT score:

  1. Avoid Careless Errors — Read every word in the question and answer choices, don’t get stuck on a question, and use your calculator (even for the easy questions).  Make sure to turn the last page of every section — especially at the end of the test when you’re tired.
  2. Sit in the front row if you’re allowed to choose your own seat. This will minimize distractions.
  3. Keep your own time during the test. Don’t rely on the proctors. Bring an analog watch. You can’t use a phone or a watch that beeps. I had one really bad SAT experience where the proctor botched the time and the 5-minute warnings on nearly every section.
  4. Bring the right snacks. The test is only 4 hours, but it will be a good six hours from the time you have breakfast until you’ll be free for lunch. Plan to use the 3 five-minute breaks wisely. My favorite snacks were apple (fills the belly), super dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher), water, and Listerine strips.
  5. Make sure you are at a test center that administers the SAT in classrooms, versus gyms and cafeterias, which are noisy and distracting.

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  • Kabir Gandhi

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    • How can I be sure that my tutor isn’t a member of a noxious, single-sex (specifically, all-male) organization such as a final club?

  • Maddie Rudnick

    I’m Maddie and I graduated from Yale in 2015. I regularly use Getmii and am willing to tutor students on SAT and ACT.