I’ve had a recent flurry of Reading Group Discussion Question requests. Either it’s SAT season, or my paperback just came out. (Or both.)

Suggested Book Club Questions: 

1) What were the take-aways from The Perfect Score Project, beyond how to improve your SAT score?

2) Is it possible to make the SAT a joyful experience (or at least not a reviled right of passage), and if so, how?

3) What mistakes did Debbie make (both in parenting and test prep) that we should try to avoid?

4) Was Debbie a helicopter parent? What is a helicopter parent? How much involvement and pushing is enough and when does it become too much? What’s the right balance between teaching our children how to navigate and advocate for themselves academically while at the same time ensuring they get what they need?

5) How do academic expectations get set for a teenager?  Who sets the score goals and how high should they be?

6) What are ways to mitigate anxiety and stay connected as a family throughout the stressful years of high school, especially during junior and senior years when students are under so much pressure with standardized tests and applying to college?

7) How can we become involved as parents without becoming overbearing and a nuisance?

8) How can we ensure that our children have strong, academic foundations?

You can download a PDF of the Reading Group Discussion Questions.

And if you’d like to have me join the discussion, shoot me an email: [email protected]

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