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“I never would have been motivated (or even known enough) to study with my son if I hadn’t read your book. It hasn’t been easy being the bad guy, but it’s worth it. He mumbled a very quiet thank you as he disappeared into his room with his results!”

—Nancy Kennedy

“Debbie Stier taught my daughter what she needed to know for the Reading Comprehension section of the SSAT and she taught her in just a few minutes: how to to hunt and gather and skim effectively, which is a critical skill not only for this test, but also for college and life.  My daughter had done poorly on her first attempt, but after talking with Debbie and doing some practices she more than doubled her score, achieving the 90th percentile.”

—Martha Mcphee


“Taking the advice from your book, my son and I have been trying to read an article in the New York Times daily. This is so relevant for us. Awesome!!”

—Valsa Madhava