The Perfect Score Project

For Parents

You can help your kid improve on his or her SAT score.

I was so overwhelmed by the significance of this test for my son — not to mention the 4.5 million “SAT test prep” options that come up in a Google search, that I climbed into the trenches myself to find out what worked.

In the name of research (not meant as a recommendation), I took the SAT myself – 7 times in one year.

After raising my SAT score by 330 points, I coached my son to a 590 point score increase from his sophomore PSAT. (The average SAT score gain after test prep is 5-20 points—which means some students’ scores actually decline).

The key to improving an SAT score is to have accurate information and a methodical plan.

I can help.

This series of  emails will save you time and money by demystifying what test prep works, what doesn’t, and why.

After speaking with thousands of parents, the three most common questions are:

  1. When’s the best time to start preparing for the SAT?
  2. How long should you spend preparing?
  3. What’s the best test prep?
  4. How can I improve my child’s Critical Reading score? (Click here)

Think of the series like a consumer report for everything you need to know to guide your kid to success on the SAT.

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